15-20 Years Later...

Prospective clients always ask: "Is the result really long-lasting? What happens if hair falls out again? Can you see the transplantation when you get older?"

The answer lies in these examples, Moser patients who were treated 23, 22, and 18 years ago. 

Alfons Wieland: "I made the decision to have a hair transplantation because I wanted to look more youthful and attractive. The results were completely in line with my expectations. The hair aged evenly over the years and always looked natural. I feel great and am still satisfied." >> Detail photos

Mag. Peter Thunhart: "I first want to say, I waited too long. I walked around with a bald head for five years - totally unnecessary! In 1997 I decided to get a hair transplantation and in 2012, 15 years later, I got a follow-up treatment to touch up small bald spots. This was only possible because even in 1997, Moser was thinking ahead and left enough donor hair the first time to make a second treatment possible."

Helmut Grauer: "When I got my hair transplantation, it was a totally taboo subject. There was no Internet for research and no one with years of experience, which today gives you certainty in your decision making. However, I dared to take the step, and today I can still say: the results are great." >> Detail photos


Do you want to improve your own hair-loss situation? Sooner rather than later?

If so, arrange a free consultation appointment at our location nearest you. We'll take a look at your hair, undertake a microscopic analysis, and come up with a personalised solution - from a purely medical treatment to the transplantation of your own hair.

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