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For more than four decades, Moser Medical has been one of Europe’s leading specialists for hair transplants and hair loss solutions. More than 32,000 successful procedures and our own research lab make us a center of excellence in hair transplants. Founded in 1979, Moser Medical offers hair transplant consultations in Salzburg, giving patients around Austria a long-term solution to their hair loss problems. During a hair transplant, a patient’s hair is extracted from the back of their head and transplanted to areas like the top of their head or receding hairline. This method is based on international researchers’ discovery that the hair on the back of the head is programmed to grow throughout a person’s entire life. We “relocate” healthy growing hair follicles onto areas experiencing hair loss. Such a procedure typically takes one day. Thanks to our cutting-edge methods, you will be ready to face the world again within just a few days after your hair transplant.

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Hair transplant consultations in Salzburg: choose Moser Medical for a long-term solution to hair loss

Help for hair loss

Thinning hair, balding, a receding hairline and bald spots: hair loss can be a major psychological burden for those affected. Especially since vitality and success is often associated with a full head of hair. A hair transplant consultation in Salzburg is the first step to a permanent solution to this problem, which affects both men and women equally.

PatientsWhy Moser?
cutting-edge Methods

Depending on your hair and scalp, three different transplant methods can be considered. You may be asking yourself which hair transplant method is right for me? Our local consultant in Salzburg will help you find the answer. Our hair transplant consultation in Salzburg is completely free and non-binding.

Strip Extraction (FUT)Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)Guarantee

Advantages of Moser Medical

  • Decades of experience: Specializing in hair transplants since 1979, we have performed over 32,000 successful procedures.
  • Top quality: We think about the future and consider how a hair transplant could look in 10, 20 or 30 years.
  • Quantity: Up to 4500 FUs (follicle units) can be transplanted in one procedure.
  • Growth guarantee: At least 93% of all transplanted hair grows after procedures with any extraction method (FUE, long hair FUE or FUT) – we guarantee it.
  • Top performance: Our team of doctors and medical assistants at your service.
  • Recognized: Our clinic has been presented numerous awards, including the “Platinum Follicle Award” – the “Oscar” of hair surgery.
  • Top hygiene: As a state-licensed private clinic, we are subject to the highest European standards which we not only fulfil, but exceed. Frequent public inspections confirm this.

Hair loss solutions – Moser Medical consultations in Salzburg

the best solution for you

Everyone’s situation is different. This is why it is important to have a personalized, non-binding consultation in Salzburg before you decide for or against a hair transplant. We will explain your options, walk you through the procedures, and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. Your initial hair transplant consultation will be held in Salzburg, and the procedure will be performed by our long-standing, skillful team at our clinic in Vienna

hair loss – solved!

Various types of hair transplants

A hair transplant can be a permanent solution to many cosmetic problems. The best hair transplant for you depends on factors such as the degree of hair loss, your specific hair, and the location of the problem . Learn more about the following procedures:

Hair transplant consultations in Salzburg & across Austria

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The knowledgeable Moser Medical consultants are located not only in Salzburg, but across Austria. With Moser Medical, you can receive a free, non-binding initial consultation in many other locations across Austria. Trust us for knowledgeable, transparent consultations about procedures and your prospects.

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